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Inspihive | April 14, 2014

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10 Reasons Why You Should Play Video Games

10 Reasons Why You Should Play Video Games
  • On August 14, 2012

Whoever said playing video games is bad for you clearly didn’t do their research. As a gamer, I took the liberty to conduct my own study and after a little time on Google I would like to present to you ten great reasons for why video games are actually good for you.

video games

1. Video games can make you more creative.

video games

A study conducted by Michigan State University, published online in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, suggests that kids who play video games tend to be more creative. I’m not sure exactly how you measure a person’s creativity levels, but maybe video game designers should fine-tune their games to develop even more creativity with users. That would be real cool.

2. Video games can help improve your vision.

video games

Researchers at Nottingham University found that certain video games could help people with vision problems. These games could achieve in one hour, the same results it would take eye patches 400 hours to achieve. Wow! That’s pretty amazing.

3. Video games can help improve your decision-making skills. 

video games

Having trouble making up your mind? Try video games. Fast action video games “help train people to make quick, accurate decisions in all aspects of life, new findings suggest.” So next time your lady can’t decide what to wear, sit her down in front of the Xbox for an hour.

4. Video games improve your attention span.

video games

Studies show that video games can help increase your attention span, improving people’s driving skills and abilities to multi-task. Sounds pretty good to me.

5. Gaming can sharpen your memory.

video games

Get this, researchers are using video games in rehabilitation programs to help slow or reverse the “cognitive decline that comes with ageing.” So next time your dad can’t find his car keys…Yep, it’s time for Wii!

6. Playing games can improve hand-eye coordination. 

video games

Sure you could also improve your hand-eye coordination by playing Connect Four or doing speed bag drills, but video games are more fun.

7. Video games make learning fun.

video games

Look, there’s no substitute for gettin’ your classroom learning on, but video games challenge and workout the brain in different ways. READ THIS to find out how.

8. Video games help reduce pain.

video games

So this guy conducted a study. He got a bunch of volunteers to play video racing games, and then he inflicted pain on them. The effects of pain stimuli on their brain while playing the games versus the effects while not playing were measured. People playing video games didn’t feel as much pain.

9. Gaming makes you a better employee. 

video games

That’s right! The University of Colorado Denver Business School found that using video games for on-the-job training created employees who did their jobs better and retained information longer than employers who used less interactive and more passive teaching methods.

10. Video games strengthen familial bonds.

video games

Brigham Young University’s School of Family Life found that girls who played video games with their parents (key part is with their parents), “were more connected to their families and had better mental health than those who played on their own or with friends.” So if you have a troubled teen, you might want to pick up the joystick and play games with them. It actually could improve your relationship with your children.

Now these studies aren’t talking about people who play video games all day and night. There’s a healthy limit to anything, and if you’re shirking your real life obligations to play video games then you should consider limiting your game time, but it looks like an hour or so of game play a day might actually be good for you.

Can you think of any other reasons why playing video games is good for you? Share them below.


  • invisible

    and my mother comes 1000 reasons why i shouldn’t play video games!

  • Andrew

    I know right but thanks for this information because it really helped me for the speech for tommorow. <3